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Why Choose The Cleaning Genie?

We’re a locally owned and operated Eco-Friendly cleaning company. With every clean you get 2-3 professional cleaners that are licensed, bonded and insured. We are trusted cleaning professionals with great client satisfaction.

Is there a minimum charge?

The minimum charge for a One-Time regular cleaning service is $172.00+ GST, for recurring services $148.00 + GST and for a Move Out or Move In Clean it is $242.00.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

All our services are satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with a service we provided and notify us within 24 hours, we will re-clean the designated areas at no cost. All satisfaction guarantees are also subject to the intitial condition of the home and time alotted for the professional clean.

Why Do you Require a Credit Card on File?

In order to secure a booking, we will ask for a credit card to put on file. Upon completion of your clean the credit card on file will be billed.

What is the Cancellation and lockout policy?

If you need to cancel a clean, you must cancel with a minimum of 48 hours notice. If a scheduled clean is cancelled within 48h a $75.00 charge will be applied to the credit card on file. If the Cleaning team arrives and are unable to get in due to several factors, a full charge of the scheduled clean to the card on file will be applied. These charges are not refundable.

What is your Refund policy?

We do not provide any refunds for any services that we perform. All our services are a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with certain areas of the clean, please inform us within 24 hours and we will re-clean the specific areas at no additional charge.

Do You Use Chemicals?

We believe Green Cleaning is Good cleaning. The Cleaning Genie only uses Eco-Friendly and non-irritant solutions to clean your home or office. This makes our professional cleaner’s work a lot easier as the eco-friendly products we use are better, safer and more efficient than the traditional chemical based cleaners.

What Areas do you service?

We provide House cleaning services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Do you move large furniture or appliances?

No. If cleaning is required behind these items please have them moved in advance for our teams to clean the area requested. We do not move large furniture or appliances such as Dining tables, refridgerators, ovens, bookshelves, etc. The Cleaning Genie Janitorial Inc. assumes no responsibility in any property damage and/or injury due to moving of large furniture & appliances.

Who Supplies the cleaning products?

The Cleaning Genie will arrive with all the necessary equipment to the scheduled cleans. We make things easy for our clients by bringing all our own cleaning equipment to every clean.

What is considered Out-of-Scope cleaning?

Exterior cleaning, Barns, Clogged bathtub full of water, Blood, Bodily fluids in Out-of-Scope areas, Clogged Toilet, Dusting over 10 foot ceiling, Drugs and used needles, Excrement (Outside litter boxes), Flood & Smoke damage, Inside a fireplace, Mold and Mildew (We will refer an expert), Exterior windows (Only Patio windows and doors will be cleaned weather permitting), Severely aged window and door tracks, Grout that needs restoration vs. cleaning.

Do I have to get my entire home cleaned?

Absolutely not! Big house and limited budget? No Problem! We tailor our home cleaning and maid services for various budgets and lifestyles. Contact us for more information.

Should I leave a "To Do" list for the cleaners?

We provide excellent training to all our employees for maximum cleaning efficiency and follow our own industry standard checklist widely used accross north america. While you may leave a note requesting for additional items to be done, please note these may not get attended to if time does not permit and may be subject to additonal charges per-item basis. Additional items being requested do not replace the existing standardized checklist, rather are add-on services.

The house is empty. Why does Move in and Move Out cleans cost more?

Move in and Move out cleans are very extensive! To comply with standards of the real estate transaction professional cleaners are often hired to sanitize your home for a fresh new chapter. Our Mission is to detail clean the entire home from top to bottom including inside appliances and cabinets, light fixtures, crown mouldings, baseboards, fans, vents, etc. If you are aiming to reduce the amount on the checklist, ask us and we will advise what would be most time consuming! Be mindful that it must be up to professional standards.

Why hire professional cleaners instead of independent cleaners?

Both can deliver great results. However, with The Cleaning Genie you have the peace of mind knowing that all staff are Bonded, Licensed and Insured in the event of an injury or accident in the workplace. People who hire independent cleaners can expose themselves to the risk of litigation.

Do you guarantee your price estimates?

Price estimates are based on normal conditions and the accuracy of the information given when booking a clean. The estimate is guaranteed if the home meets these criterias. If the home condition is suboptimal or inaccurate information has been given when booking the clean, a new quote will be provided. In the unlikely event of a non-mutual consensus, the lock-out fee will be applied.

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