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Who We Are

Our lives are busy and hectic and time with our families is taking a backseat to everything on our never ending “to do” list!

Maybe you didn’t get around to putting those dishes away before leaving for work, or that pile of laundry has become an overwhelming mountain that you really aren’t looking forward to after a long day at work. The list goes on and on… Wouldn’t it be ideal to reclaim that lost time with your loved ones and delegate those mundane chores to someone else? For you this is stressful! For The Cleaning Genie this is stress release.

This is where we come in and why we believe in the positive impact of an office and home cleaning service. This business has been built on great client referrals and most importantly trust.

Thank you to all our clients who currently welcome The Cleaning Genie into their homes and offices each week. What a privilege it is for us to be trusted in your space!

We look forward to building more relationships and serving more homes in the lower mainland.

– Mioara Mendonca

The Cleaning Genie Owner

Let us grant your every wish!

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